Lead Product Designer

Role – Lead Product Designer
Location – Fully Remote (India)
Experience – 3+y
PayScale – 15-25 LPA +ESOPs ( It is a lead & core team role)

Please use the link to apply – http://forms.gle/1gdVudxTykQ7bdUq9


  1. Customer and competitor analysis – Brainstorm on product ideas with feedback and inputs from the customer, business, tech, and insights team
  2. User research – Identify new product requirements and build user flows through wireframes and prototypes
  3. Information architecture – Convert wireframes into actual product designs
  4. Testing and iterating – Work with Frontend team on execution and testing, to ensure accuracy and aesthetic
  5. Coordinating with developers and UI designers — UI prototyping – Present product ideas through concept notes, sketches, wireframes, and eventual designs to cross-functional teams
  6. Re-testing and re-iterating – Modify existing designs to suit changing requirements
  7. Technology familiarizing and updating – Perform research on product technologies and structures to implement into design concepts
  8. Internal and external branding – Build the brand guide
  9. Web development, interactivity, animation, and visual design – Ideate the company website and build it along with the dev team
  10. Marketing, promotions, and presentations – Create collaterals for marketing, business development, fundraising pitches, etc.
  11. Understanding and implementing current trends and technology – Stay up to date on current trends in design and product
  12. Collaborating with internal teams – Contribute to team learning meetups, offer inputs that can help the brand across all areas of business
  13. Timely concise and effective communication at all times – Coordinate with designers to ensure accurate communication and efficiency in the design phase

• Graduate in product design
• Relevant experience of 3+ years of ideating and designing digital products and basic coding
• Excellent eye for aesthetics, colors, fonts, etc.
• Attention to detail
• In the know of current design and product trends
• Strong industry knowledge and contacts

This is flexible depending on the relevance of experience, proficiency, leadership and initiative, and finally the long-term plans of the applicant.

Please use the link to apply – http://forms.gle/1gdVudxTykQ7bdUq9