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Share your intro; Resume, profile links and CTC details


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How LookingOut assist you in finding good roles?

We are building a network of startup founders @foundersfriend(ff). Our founder friends tell us the details of the roles in their startups;  tech or non-tech.  We share your intro with them and if founders like your profile they will approach you.    

What kind of startups will read your profile?

Small/Mid size product startups that are funded, stable and at growth stage. These startups are founded by experienced founders who are backed by well known investors. They pay well and provide a chill out work culture.   Here are some examples of startups 

Why to use LookingOut and share intro?

It is the fastest way to reach startup founders directly . It will increase your chances to get an intro call from good product startups. It will save you from HR/Recruiter related inefficiencies and speed up the intro process. See current openings/roles here


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